Madonna Croce, silkscreen on cloth, 216 x 160 cm. /85 x 63 inches, edition 21 + 4 AP (this print is AP 4/4), signed, dated and numbered, 1988

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With Flying Home I almost go back to the sixties Op-Pop-Comic-Box with the motto: Ski jumper made of yellow aeroplane cards is flying to the right in front of a sky made of blue aeroplane cards and aeroplane made of yellow ski jumper cards is flying to the left in front of a sky made of blue ski jumper cards. In this Flying Home-dialectic, raging standstill dominates on the level of elementary particles. They always stay where they are. The aeroplanes apparent change of location takes place on a higher level through projection. By beaming movements onto the particles remaining in raging standstill, the illusion of a change of location is created. The aeroplanes know that and return quickly just like Hänschen klein in the nursery rhyme. 
Thomas Bayrle


Shopping, screenprint, 60 x 90 cm., edition 60, signed and numbered, 2023
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Public Poster Program # 04 (march 2016)

Cowboy Montana Kid (red/blue) - Cowboy Death Valley (black/yellow), 2 colour silkscreen print (iris print) on C-MAT 150 grams, 68 x 94 cm. /26.8 x 37 inches, edition 25, signed and numbered, 2016

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SUNDAY # 032 (october 5th 2014)

Happy days are here again, offset print on multi-offset, 120 grams, A1 (59.4 x 84.1 cm. /23.2 x 33.1 inches) folded to A4 (29.7 x 21 cm. /11.7 x 8.3 inches), edition 100, signed and numbered, 2014

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SUNDAY is an editorial project published on a bi-monthly basis. A standard format was developed specifically for this project, in which an artist is invited to conduct an intervention, re-think a work, or make an adaptation.

SUNDAY is a cross between a publication, an artist’s edition, a multiple, and an exhibition.

A foldable exhibition platform, a poster-like monograph, an artwork edition, .........

An A1-size poster folded to A4 size, a colophon, bundled in an envelope.