Moon Eyes, edition of a multiple, vintage rear, view mirror in metal, with an engraving on the mirror «YES TO ALL», wrapped in a buckskin printed in silkscreen print, colours, «EASY SPIRIT», and with a cardboard label stamped and used as the colophon, edition of 15, signed and numbered, 2012

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Witnesses of apocalypse, wall painting, various dimensions, edition 24, signed and numbered on certificate, 2012

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Deep and Dark, multiple (boa), 3 different colours of boxes (black-yellow-blue) and three different colours for the boas (black-blue-purple), 195 x 8 x 8 cm., edition 12 (12 editions in total, 4 copies of each colour), signed inside and numbered outside, 2004

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Icone, cosmetic products on glass shelf, mirror, overall size 123 x 24 x 16 cm., edition 12 with certificate, 2001
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Happy Clinique, set of 3 silkscreen/offset lithographs on glossy stock, 50 x 40 cm., edition 60, signed and numbered, 1998
€ 1800,-



Sweet 'n Low, silkscreen on canvas, 30 x 50 cm., edition 250, signed and numbered, 1994

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Ray Guns, portfolio with 8 serigraphs doubled on 8 different colours or same selected by the artist, groundcolour with mirror effect in silver, bronze, gold, red, pink, purple, blue and green, each print 50 x 70 cm., edition 8, each print signed, numbered and dated, presented in a box, 2004
Please notice: each portfolio is unique.
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